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Good Hair Days and the Science of Self-Esteem

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September 14, 2020

There are days we walk out the front door and feel like worldbeaters. A freshly-pressed suit, shiny new shoes, and of course, a fresh haircut are the differences between supreme confidence and negative self-consciousness. But hair is by far the most powerful indicator of confidence.

Researchers at Yale University found in a 1999 study that bad hair made people feel less smart, less sociable and even incapable of performing routine tasks. Dr. Marianne LaFrance, the lead researcher for the study, told the Journal Times that men are more affected by bad hair days. She said the false cultural truism about men and indifference about their appearance is simply not true. Men were more likely to feel inadequate in various ways to to their hair being imperfect.

Self-confidence is also linked to better academic performance. Faculty members at Great Bridge Middle School in Chesapeake, Virginia did a meta-analysis of several studies that observed the correlation between self-esteem and final grades. Students with high self-esteem not only performed better in the classroom, but also demonstrated leadership and responsibility more than their low self-esteem counterparts. A crisp, clean haircut makes all the difference between hold your head up high and slouching in shame.

The Fresh Blends™ Experience

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It is also the city of choice for business and industries to hold their annual conventions. Nearly 43 million people visited Sin City in 2019, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. Granted the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed Las Vegas tourism and business dealings in 2020. But the firmness of your handshake and the inflection in your voice makes all the difference in landing a new business contract or a date with the woman you’ve been courting for months.

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“I have to be able to look at a client and know what they want done before I start asking questions. I don’t just provide haircuts. Fresh Blendz™ is an experience. Every client is another opportunity for me to paint my version of a classic Picasso, another opportunity to see a client smile and feel confident in themselves. Whether you need your high-top fade shaped up, want to try a Caesar Cut for the first time, or need your hairline and scalp enhance with a little hair fiber, I’ll have you looking fresh, clean and ready to conquer the world.”

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